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UDWC Statement on Discrimination and Racism

We, the United Democrats of Washington County, stand together with people of all colors, creeds, nationalities, sexualities, and abilities to break down the barriers of white privilege, hate, discrimination, and racism and to help pave the way for the promise of our Constitution to truly extend to all Americans.  

Our goal is to help both ourselves and others identify and call out racism and discrimination, followed by teachable solutions.  This does not mean that we will always get it exactly right.  It does mean that our efforts will be directed toward true equality.  

Life can be a struggle for everyone, so it is sometimes difficult to see the advantages white people hold and to identify where privilege exists. We must learn how to better fuel our empathy and understanding from the perspective of those who are not white, and to speak and act accordingly. This is imperative to complete our “more perfect union” and live together in sharing the bounty of human rights envisioned for all.

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