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Paul Pittman, President

Colleen Clark, Vice President

Lorraine Blaydes, Treasurer

Mary McPherson, Secretary

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 186, Funkstown, MD 21734


Board of Directors:
Linda Irvin-Craig
Paul Pittman
David Clark
Colleen Clark
Barb Neiman
Arthur LaRue

Pam Faulkner
Randy Barber
Lorraine Blaydes
Brittany Mason-Mah
Tom Ruhf
Dale Ruby

The UDWC is an activist group formed in 2015 following the dissolution of the South County Democratic Club. We currently have around 70 members and meet once a month on the second or third Wednesday.  Our organization's mission is to encourage and engage Democrats in Washington County in the political process; to promote Democratic ideals and principles; and to actively support the election of Democratic candidates representing Washington County.

Our bylaws

We work alongside the Washington County Democratic Central Committee (WCDCC), the governing body for the Democratic Party in the county. It consists of eight members, four male and four female, who are elected during the state midterm elections. This is the group that coordinates all official party activities in the county, and all campaign activity is coordinated through them. They are a part of the state central committee which reports up to the DNC (Democratic National Committee).

Our statement on discrimination and racism

Communications Chair: Brittany Mason-Mah

Website: Kate Miller

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