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Republican Mayhem

by Pamela Faulkner

April 15, 2023

“And when the law shows up on the side of intellectual freedom, they think the alternative is to just shut the whole thing down. “ – Arthur LaRue

From NBC News: Texas county weighs closing local library after federal judge orders banned books returned to circulation. The Llano County commissioners scheduled a special meeting for Thursday to discuss whether to "continue or cease operations" at the library.

If you don't like what the libraries are doing.....defund the libraries and shut them down.

If you don't like what the schools are teaching, elect school board members and state and local officials who will change the curriculum.

That is the trend. If you don't like something, get elected to a position of power and use whatever power you have to push your agenda. This madness happened while we were not watching, while we were assuming that our version of good was everyone's version of good. The people who oppose individual freedom got power and decided that we should all live by their code.

How do we stop it? We vote. That is what we must do. Activate every Democrat you know. Get them to join us in meetings and events. People who belong to a political group are more likely to vote. We need to elect more people who agree with our version of good. Be a candidate. Be a voter. Be an activist. Some Democrat you know may not vote if you don't activate them now.

Come to meetings. Bring a friend.

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