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Avoid the Circular Firing Squad

By Pamela Faulkner

April 22, 2019

The pundits on every side of any argument “helpfully” discuss what the Democrats need to do to win the 2020 election cycle, but I have never heard a word about what the Republicans should do. That probably has something to do with the make-up of the “mind” of each party. Democrats are thinkers. They do not all hear the same music or walk in a straight line toward their shared destination. As problematic as those characteristics are at times, I think they are the strength of the party. However, for the months that are before us, I offer a word of caution.

This wonderful tendency to think for ourselves leads us to a lot of discussion and because worried people tend to be negative, much of that conversation is negative. Most Democrats seem more likely to tell you why you should NOT vote a certain candidate, than why you SHOULD vote for another. “He/She is too old or too young, not the right ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, has a bad record on ___________”, and on and on. All this is done in the name of finding that “perfect” person for the 2020 election and all of it is harmful. It leads to fear. It leads to tribalism. It leads to people desperately trying to win the argument that “they and they alone”(Who does this sound like?) can pick the winning candidate and you had better listen or we are all doomed. This is what is commonly known at the Democratic Circular Firing Squad.

Stop. Think. Do not fall into this trap. It is not productive. Say instead why you believe in a certain candidate. What characteristic does that candidate have that make him or her the best choice. What policies make that candidate the best? Look for the good in each of our candidates and find the one with the most good. Do not look for or of speak of negatives. I know it is contrary to our nature to do this, but we must do it.

We have 20+ major personalities spreading our message throughout the country. What can be wrong with that? The more messengers, the more people we reach. We will find “the one” and if we get too sure that weAvoid the Circular Firing Squad



Put down your weapon.

Think of the good.

Speak of the good.

Only light keeps away the darkness.

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