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In the Wake of January 6th

By Linda Irvin-Craig February 2023 As some of us watched the insurrection of January 6, 2021, unfold in real time from cameras on site, and then watched the committee hearings in full, there were clear conclusions to draw that did not come from media interpretation. Our Capitol was under attack from dangerous persons who had come to disrupt and, perhaps destroy, our government processes.

There was also an acceptance that the attacking rioters were sent there by people determined to damage our laws of the land. Among those were the then President and a number of prominent co-conspirators. Some of those who showed up were organized faux-military units, who had planned far ahead for the attack.

Testimony from witnesses and filmed records made it clear that what had happened was a criminal event, although the second impeachment effort was thwarted by the Republicans in Congress. Trials for participants on the scene have been far more successful in the courts of our land.

The election deniers still try to claim that this was just a group of unhappy citizens responding by demonstrating as many groups do. The attacks on and deaths of police officers tell a very different story.

To add to the continued offenses of the GOP, the despicable Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy has given FOX’s Tucker Carlson, the guy being sued for lying about voting machines (and that is on tape gotten through legal discovery), 41,000 hours of Capitol Building security camera taped records to use anyway he wants to. He can pick and choose what to cobble together to advance a story contrary to what really happened. Every network in the world should be suing Kevin for equal access.

Plus, now the cameras will all need to be recalibrated so that every crazy idiot in the world cannot figure out how to avoid the current angles. All of this will be at taxpayer expense. Thank you, Kevin, but you need to pay that bill.

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