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Merry Christmas in March

By Linda Irvin-Craig

Merry Christmas in March, thanks to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. This is a man who should be immediately removed from his high office in an agency that dates back to Benjamin Franklin. The breakdown in service resulted in two periodical Christmas issues, The Week magazine dated December 31 and the Hancock News dated December 23, arriving at my mailbox this week.

It is quite possible that DeJoy's destructive behavior within the postal service was not accidental and, I admit that receiving publications late is not nearly as serious as not getting necessary medications on time, putting the patient's health at great risk. However, it is annoying and that annoyance reaches out to all of the big business donors to the 2020 campaign of Trump, the appointer of said DeJoy.

No creditors, including utility and mortgage companies and credit card issuers, should be allowed to assess late charges based on the continued interruption of timely mail service. These companies' donations directly to Trump or PACs supporting his campaign, when they knew he was approving of the damage to the postal service, speaks to a collusion in the mess.

Let them stew in their own juices until they publicly advocate for DeJoy to go.

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